Optisch Kreativ is a company that consists of a small team of professionals. This means that you get all the attention your work deserves because, unlike big companies, we do not have long production lines where you have to wait long before your project can be attended.

Here at Optisch Kreativ, we specialize in digital marketing solutions for B2C (business to consumer) businesses to help them engage more with their customers and generate more leads. We also offer other alternative solutions which include web development/e-commerce, branding, and video production.

Our company main branch is based in South Africa but we also operate virtually in the United States.

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Our vision

To be a nerd for all your needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to continually develop our service to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Our values

We value customer engagement, collaboration, shared governance, innovation, teamwork, accountability, diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and integrity.

Don't wait until tomorrow. Talk to one of our friendly consultants today and learn how to start leveraging your business.

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